Home Bronzes Shoe-shaped bronze yue (battle-axe) with human design
Shoe-shaped bronze yue (battle-axe) with human design
Date:Warring States Period(ca.475-221BCE)

Dimensions: Length: 9.2cm; Width: 11.9cm

Origin: Excavated from the bank of Xiang River, Hunan Province in 1960s

The yue (battle-axe) is a kind of weapon. Besides the application as a weapon, the yue was more frequently used as a ritual object to symbolize the power of the military and punishment.

The human images carved on it, with or without the sword, are similar with that in murals of Huashan Cliff, Ningming County, Guangxi province; other musical instruments also share some similarities with this yue in the aspects of decorating patterns.

This Bronze yue, with standardized design shape and exquisite decorating patterns, is an important resource for the study of ancient customs of ethnic groups in south China.

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