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  • Crystal seal with double-lion-shaped knob and inscription "sui jiang ci hu"

    This was a personal seal of Tao Shu, noted Minister of the Qing Dynasty.

  • Lion-shaped crystal seal

    This seal belongs to Tao Shu (1779—1839AC), a famous minister in Qing Dynasty.

  • Wooden warrior figurine with a sword

    It is a wooden warrior figurine wearing double-layered gown and a pair of boots and armed with a sword.

  • Dragon-shaped jade ornament

    It's an ornament which is made of green jade with red-brown spots.

  • Bronze seal inscribed with Chinese characters “ Zhong Zhi Shi Yin”

    The square seal is double layered and has a nose-shaped knob.

  • Jade huang

    Huang is a kind of semi-circular jade ornament.

  • Bronze seal inscribed with Chinese characters “Xin Pu Xian Wei Zhu Ji”

    The seal was collected by the Hunan Provincial Administration Committee of Cultural Relics in early 1950'.

  • Glass spear

    ?The spear has a color of translucent green, sharp blade and grooves on each side.

  • Jade ornament

    The surface of this jade ornament is grayish white due to corrosion.

  • Gold seal with tortoise-shaped knob inscribed with Chinese characters “Guan Zhong Hou Yin”

    “Marquis of Guanzhong” is an official title.

  • Bronze quan(weight) with inscription“yuan feng xin yang”

    The quan was a kind of instrument for measuring weight.

  • Silver cup and saucer with dragon designs

    A saucer is a kind of utensil used to hold tea or tonic.

  • Songhua inkstone collected by Zeng Guofan's family

    Inkstone is a kind of writing material made of particularly selected materials such as stone, pottery, jade, iron and wood.

  • Duan-ink stone inscribed with Chinese characters “Hanbi”

    Duan stone is from Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province.

  • Smoke-colored lined pleated skirt of thin gauze

    This skirt was designed to be wrapped around the lower body and tied at the waist.

  • Red sandstone sarcophagus

    The sarcophagus consists of a cover, a body and a base, all chiseled out of one piece of red sandstone.

  • Winnowing-basket-shaped Ink Stone

    This rectangular ink stone made in the shape of a winnowing basket was one of the popular types of ink stone made during the Tang Dynasty.

  • Ink stone with inscription “Chang xing san nian”

    The upper part at the bottom of this ink stone is carved horizontally with an inscription.

  • Glass disk with grain pattern

    The disk is flat round, and of bluish white color.

  • Porcelain bowl with colored lotus flower pattern

    This porcelain bowl made by Changsha Kiln is designed with wide opening mouth, curved belly and round bottom.

  • Lacquered leather shield with the design of dragon and phoenix

    The shield, a piece of defensive equipment made of rattan, wood or leather in the State of Chu, could deflect arrows, spears and swords.

  • Red and green colored porcelain ewer with white glaze

    The handled ewer was a utensil used for pouring wine or tea.

  • Green colored porcelain ewer with pagoda design in celadon

    This is a portable wine ewer with a small opening, flat belly, diamond shaped short spout in the front and a handle in the back.

  • Brown colored porcelain ewer with poem design

    The handled ewer was a utensil for pouring wine. Poem design was an important feature of Changsha Kiln porcelain decoration.